December 29, 2005

Lindemann, Patricia
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Prof. Lindemann is a good choice for those who wish to take science of psych. (from what i've heard, galanter and those profs. who teach second semester should be avoided). in short, she's the best option. the course is definitely not difficult, simply because of the fact that the material is pretty straightforward and logical. the exams reminded me of high school. multiple choice was quite easy, simply requiring that you be able to recognize an answer (i.e. very little comprehension was necessary for this section of the exams). the short answer section which followed the multpile choice on each exam was a bit more challenging because, naturally, it required more recall than simple recognition. the exams are only difficult in that they are long, so don't take your time. as for the lectures, i wouldn't venture to call them enlightening in any way. they are mostly a regurgitation of the info. in peter gray's textbook (which, although pretty boring to read, is very well-written), with a few additional ideas sprinkled in here and there. the video clips that she showed were usually interesting. if you have the kind of mind that can retain a lot information for a short time, i recommend doing most of the reading a few days before the exam (but make sure you get it all done). each exam covers about 200 pp. of material in textbook. in short, a solid and well-designed class, definitely worth taking if you're interested in psych. also, she's a pretty nice lady.


3 exams (none of which are cumulative). 3 two-page papers. Experiment participation (about 3-4 experiments needed to complete the requirement...not a big deal, and pretty interesting). extra credit assignments which can be done really quickly--complete 6/9 to have 2 perecentage points added to your final grade. Top 35% of the class gets some form of an A. remember that nothing gets dropped, so don't bomb anything (and you won't as long as you do the reading).