January 05, 2006

Hubert-Leibler, Pascale Silver_nugget
[FREN W1101] Elementary French I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Dr. Hubert-Liebler was simply incredible. She came to our 10AM class everyday with incredible amounts of energy and the 50 minutes just flew by. She explains everything very well and takes all questions and really wants her students to succeed. I think our entire class fell in love with her, she was always going out of her way. When we learned about animals she brought in stuffed animals, and she created all sorts of fun and hilarious exercises for us to do in class. She also showed some of Amelie and an old Truffaut film, the parts she selects are perfectly relevant to what we study in class that day. Her courseworks is always updated and if even the slightest change happens or she has an idea to help the class, she immediately sends out an email. My only regret is that Dr. Hubert-Liebler is not teaching the sequence course this semester.


typical and necessary for a language class - daily exercises, Weekly quizzes (negotiable), 4 tests, , 4/5 writing assignments (half page to a page), oral midterm, final. do the work, not a terribly difficult A at all.