January 09, 2006

Drew, Michael
[PSYC BC1105] Psychology of Learning (w/ or w/o lab)

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The material is not particularly interesting. I found the textbook Drew used to be quiet dull and confusing. However, Dr. Drew, although nervous most of the time, is extremely engaging. He wants his students to learn, and he appears passionate about the subject. This is evident in always answering the very annoying, irrelevant questions asked by his students. I agree with the previous reviewer- Drew isn't that big on emails. However, I hear he is very helpful during office hours. His tests are NOT hard at all, as long as you read the book, answer the study questions, and use your common sense. Don't delay on answering the study questions. The best thing to do for tests is to read over the answers and use your notes and powerpt slides. I found that his tests were more lecture based than text book based. He does throw several trick questions on the exam, but you can probably those out. In fact, the only trouble I had with his tests was deciding which questions to throw out!
So, all in all, I did learn a lot in his class, although I struggled to stay awake to read the textbook.

I did take the lab. The lab was entirely pointless. The assignments were all very easy, but the grading was very arbitrary. The grade from lab could decide whether you get an A or an A-. Even if you get all As on your tests but receivea B on ur lab grade, that can bring you down to an A-.
The median for the class was around a low B. I did not find the class or lab to be hard at all.


study questions, two midterms, one final... first midterm was easier than the second... final was tricky, but doable