January 15, 2006

Gray, Maria
[ARCH 3117] Perceptions of Architecture

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

overall she is a good teacher. she has a monotone way of speaking, which can get quite boring, but she usually is saying something of worth. she doesn't seem to expect too much from the students, her demonstrations of drafting techniques for example was so slow and easy that she could have been talking to a first grader. i know it must be hard for her to remember what every student's project is about because there are sixteen of us and she runs her own architecture firm, however, sometimes i feel she can do a better job keeping on top of these things. like the reviewer before, i don't think she takes effort into a lot of consideration (or atleast as much as i would like her to). she is approachable and friendly.


a lot because its a studio course! but her class was surely easier than the other two intro courses