April 11, 2006

Pardo, Jennifer Silver_nugget
[PSYC BC1113] Cognitive Psych

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This woman is sweet, fair, meticulous, and knowledgable. She even curved the grades for our exams. Still, her exams are horrible. She's new at Barnard and so she probably feels the need to prove that she's a good, tough professor. This causes her to create wordy exams that merely confuse the students. Everyone always needed more time by the end of the exam. No one really left very early. Perhaps everyone was going "huh?" as they tried to get through the exam.

The worst part, for me, was the matching part of the exams. She'd have words and you'd have to match them with something on the right column, but the categories on the right column were always obscure, no matter how much I studied. Her exams were reallllly annoying.

Her lectures kept me entertained, but I often saw others drifting away in their minds, chatting on AIM on their laptops or doodling.

Sure, she's organized and fair and tries to help you, but she doesn't realize how RIDICULOUS her exams are.

Stay away from this professor if you'd like a clear exam that you can study for, get a good grade on because you've studied for it, and feel good at the end of it all. What I mean is, no matter how much I study it seems that her exams are always wordy and confusing. She is indirect in her exams as a way to have students get mediocre grade and, thus, earn herself a reputation as a "tough" professor or exam-creater. She actually said it at the beginning, that her exams are really really really hard ... she prides herself in that.

But now that you know all this, perhaps you'll do way better than most of us are doing right now .... the median grade or mean is usually in the 70s, if not the low 70s. We'll see how that final exam goes.


- 3 non-cumulative exams
- a paper (if you're not in the lab)
- weekly lab reports and an independent research project (if you're in the lab sections)