April 20, 2006

Wuu, Cheng-Shie
[EHSC 9335] Radiation Therapy Physics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

A professor that complicates the understanding of similar triangles and says things like, "I can promise I'll do everything I can do, but I can't promise, but I will." Seriously, this instructor is very poor at teaching basic material. It seems he intentionally obscures the understanding by racing through material and justifies his style by saying that there is too much to cover or that we are grad students that don't need to have our hands held.
The mid-term and final seemed to be completely inspired by Raphex exams, which the fortunate were able to obtain previous copies of.
By mid-semester we were, in fact, begging for homework problems, just for some sense of knowledge-reinforcement from this Professor--sadly, all we received was two questions that were in no way appropriate material for the final, nor were they reflective of the material that was expected to be grasped from the overall course itself.
The grading is designed to narrow down the number of people that can register for the practicum. Typically, the top 7-8 grades will get this chance despite anything he tells you otherwise. In short, work hard independently and get into the practicum! your first job may depend on it.
Also, he seems like a nice guy but dont let that fool you. Being nice doesn't make up for poor teaching.


deceptively light.