December 03, 2001

Albert, David
[PHIL V3576] Physics and Philosophy

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This class should really be called the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics because this is all that is covered. I highly recommend this class and any other class Prof. Albert teaches. He really cares about the student's understanding of the material and takes much of the classes answering questions about the difficult subject matter. My only complaint is that sometimes he would not know when to cut questions off because they often became repetitive or ridiculous, and this hindered him covering all of the material intended. Albert presents the material in a dynamic and entertaining manner and is an excellent lecturer. The various explanations for the central problems in QM are covered and changes the way I view the physical world as well as the nature of my own perceptions. The class requires learning about 3 weeks worth of mathematical formulism, but once you get through this it is well worth it. Also, the math isn't bad for even people who haven't taken any of it since high school.


20-25 page Final Paper, one short problem set mid-semester, but that's all the work you will get for this class