May 28, 2006

Pardo, Jennifer Silver_nugget
[PSYC BC1113] Cognitive Psych

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Even as a nonmajor taking the class for the science req, I really liked the class. The reading was not that dense & all from the textbook. The lectures were pretty good. Pardo tried to make them as interesting & funny as possible with varying degrees of effectiveness all semester. Also, looking back, you really don't ahve to take notes or go to class because all the notes you need are typed out on the slides which she posts after each class. What you do need to do is READ THE TEXTBOOK. I cannot stress this enough. I totally agree with the previous reviewer that the exams are impossible. She will ask you about the most obscure thing from the textbook. So make sure you have read it before the tests. They are as hard as a noncumulative test can be. The multiple choice is AP style, the type of trick questions that we all thought we had abandoned. The matching column is the matching column from hell because the relationships are extremely obscure AND there are an average of 6 words that are left unused. The short answers were generally straightforward. There are also a few extra credit questions which have a 1/2 point deduction if they are wrong. Hardly anyone finished early during the midterms. However, Pardo was pissed that the final was on the last day of exam period so she wrote an extremely fair exam which many people finished in about an hour. Pardo gives a hard class but if you don't slack off with the reading, you will do well. She also will give an A+.


textbook reading (necessary to do well on exams)
3 noncumulative exams