December 17, 2006

Fabian, Seth
[V1101] Elementary Italian I and [V1102] Elementary Italian II

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Seth is the best Italian teacher i have ever had. HIs class made me more proficient in italain than any other class I have taken before. He clearly has an extensive grip on the Italian language and addresses the material in class with ease. His best ability is the way he introduces discussion into the classroom. My italian ability soared from just a few group sessions of discussion in class. he keeps the atmosphere of the class light and even had some of the class joking with him in italian at the end. It seems as though his goal is to have the class comfortably converse in class and he teaches best when this is achieved. If you are looking to learn alot of the italian language as well as italian culture, take his class. The only fault of Seth Fabian is that he may be too qualified to teach beginner Italian.


Same as all entry level language courses. Very do-able.