December 22, 2006

Chapman, Sally
General Chemistry 2001

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Chapman is one of the best professors I have had while at Barnard. She is very professional and exceptionally knowledgable about the material. Her lectures are clear and well-prepared. She works hard for her students, and it shows. She makes herself very available for help (holding more office hours than any 10 teachers I know combined) and will sometimes stay after she is supposed to stop to help out. It is by no means an easy class, but if you work hard and utilize her as a resource, you will undoubtedly succeed. Yes, she gives quite a bit of work (but no more than any other science teacher... the sciences are work-intensive fields) and sometimes her tests are rather surprising (it seems kind of ridiculous to have a class mean on a test be a 58%...) but she is an exceptional teacher and I would reccomend this class to anyone even vaguely interested in Chemsitry.


Rather heavy - difficult weekly problem sets, long readings, 2 midterms and a final