December 30, 2006

Weber, Caroline Silver_nugget
Composition and Conversation

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Weber is awesome! No doubt about it. She knows her French, definitely knows how to have fun with the class, and as long as you like speaking French, and are trying to expand your vocab you will have fun with the class. She really is such a nice woman, and you'll have fun waiting to see what outfit she'll wear to class that day. I wish I could take this class every semester with her, even if I didn't get credit, it was the most fun, relaxing class of my entire courseload! I HIGHLY recommend this class, especially if you are coming right out of intermediate french, or haven't spoken in a while, she'll get you back on track and make you want to take another class after the semester is over!


A couple of papers (no more than two pages) graded very generously. A presentation with another student to last the whole duration of the class, but once you sat down and wrote it out it really wasn't that bad. No final, no midterm, no real hwork. She doesn't really mark you down for not doing it, she just gets disappointed in you, and honestly you don't want to disappoint her because you'll love her so much! TAKE THIS CLASS!!!!!!! (easy A)