January 27, 2002

McDermott, Rachel Silver_nugget
[ASCM V2357] Introduction to the Civilization of India

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

A very competent and organized lecturer. You'll learn a great deal about Indian religion, history, society, and current issues. The readings in the coursepack are by far the most important - the others are much more expendable. Beware of TA grading, as they can be overly harsh, though you can appeal their grades to the professor, who can be more generous. The final is comprehensive, which makes it quite big and annoying, but it's a good overall review. The problem with McDermott is that the actual final exam forces you to regurgitate the entire semester, instead of just picking a few topics as an indicator. Paper assignments are very reasonable. Map exercise is an insult to your intelligence and a huge pain in the butt. But McDermott's enthusiasm for the subject matter, and her articulate lecturing style, go a long way in making the class a rewarding experience.


Two 7-pp papers, a map exercise (which really sucks), and a cumulative final.