April 10, 2007

Mercer, Christia Silver_nugget
[PHIL V2110] Philosophy and Feminism

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I took this class first semester of my first year, and Professor Mercer was everything I thought college professors would be like. In fact, I didn't really appreciate it that much until I had some obnoxious classes. Her lectures were interesting, exciting, funny, and relevant. Everything we read kind of tied together in the end, and at times you felt like you were on an intellectual exploration with her. She was a nice person as well, not too dogmatic (as some womens studies professors can be). The readings were varied and good, take this class if you have an interest in philosophy or feminism, but be warned that most classes in these feilds will be a disappointment after this one.


Not too bad, not too easy. I didn't even really notice.