May 02, 2007

Mercer, Christia Silver_nugget
[PHIL V2110] Philosophy and Feminism

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Mercer is by far one of the best Columbia professors IÂ’ve had. I took the course to fill a gen ed requirement, and it ended up being my favorite class. She is so brilliant it hurts. I always left her class inspired, and thinking about the things she taught. Material that may have seemed irrelevant to feminism all came together by the end of each unit. If you have any interest in philosophy or gender studies, I highly recommend this class. Even if you donÂ’t, you will still learn a lot.
This is not an easy class, so you do have to work hard. I think the majority of the class got a B, and only a few students got A's. There is a lot of reading (which you really do have to keep up with), and the grading is pretty tough. While thereÂ’s a lot of reading, itÂ’s all interesting and relevant to the discussions. I recommend going to see her with an outline of your paper before you write it.

This is the kind of class that makes the ridiculous cost of tuition worth every penny.


Three papers, two lecture analysis', a final, and a trip to the Met.