June 14, 2007

Boyman, Anne Silver_nugget
Advanced Oral French

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Easy and helpful. The class is basically a conversation class. You watch movies and discuss them. Boyman proposes gossip and you discuss it. You discuss life, politics, love, poetry, literature, whatever you want in French--it's the students' choice, for the most part. It's all very informal and helpful. Boyman is really relaxed, but she does really dissect your accent to help you improve it. By the third week into the semester, she'll know everyone's weaknesses and will call you on yours. BUT, don't get scared off. The class is small (10-15 people) and she only targets your weaknesses to help. Don't be insulted if she picks on you, because she will pick on everyone indiscriminately. Your grammar won't improve, but your comfort level in speaking French will. The class is a breeze, but it's not an easy A. If you really, really try, though, you'll do fine.


Practically no work. It's all oral evaluation on a daily basis. Boyman grades you on how much you progress and pick up on her tips. The midterm is a 15-minute conversation with her and the final is a 20-minute conversation, as well. There is also a 30-minute presentation in between. The point is to get you talking.