July 12, 2007

Mercer, Christia Silver_nugget
[PHIL V2110] Philosophy and Feminism

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This class was a nice introduction to both feminism and philosophy. Would have been nice to have at least one intro class in either under my belt, but it wasn't too bad without. Mercer is a particular personality, and I wouldn't want to cross her, but she's mostly an engaging lecture. She rambles a bit, and expects a lot. I was occasionally dissapointed in the her attempts to foster disscusson in a fifty person class. Overall though, the material she covered has proved invaluable not only academically but also in everyday life. While this class did not lead me to a huge epiphany, I do see the world in a different light from time to time because of the topics covered. She's a tough grader, and passes those standards on to her TA's. The reading is dense and MUST BE DONE in order to get anything from this class.


Weekly reading (dense).
3 papers, shot but difficult as philosophy papers tend to be.
1 final -- never saw my grade so not sure how she grades. Mostly IDs and personal essay.