June 23, 2008

Somerville, Robert Silver_nugget

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Lectures were boring and the room was always hot. But Sommervile is literally the coolest and sweetest dad professor ever. I only went to a few classes, and when I did go, I fell asleep, and still came out with an A. Definitely attend the Discussion sections, there aren't many and they go over exactly what you need to know for the quizzes. Not all of the readings in the course packet are necessary but can pop up on the final. There are two or 3 quizzes which are based on primary texts (ones from the packet) and which were discussed in the discussion section. If you read the pieces and maybe do a little background info on the internet you will be more than fine. Take it for an easy A with little work.
The final wasn't bad except for the True/False at the end which were only about the books we were supposed to buy for the course - which I never bought.


3 half-hour essay quizzes-text id's from the packet, a one page description of a church and the final-which is tougher if you aren't familiar with the texts in the packet or if you don't know which author goes with which book in the required readings