September 02, 2008

Terrace, Herbert
[PSYC W3450] Evoulution of Consciousness & Intelligence

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

honestly as i went through the course i was like this professor has to be kidding me...literally the course is taught by the student and then he often chimes in and says his piece and questions what the student brings to the table on the topic he offers... but by the end of the semester when we had to do the paper i realized how much i had learned from writing the paper and reading the assignments. its a totally different way of teaching and your grade is based on the presentation and the final paper and thats it. he gives you two weeks off to do the readings which you dont have to do at all...but look as much as people say its death..its really not that bad- its interesting topics and basically discussion in the class but when you get to the paper you feel like there is alot of pressure cause the guy doesnt know anyones names and could care less about how the presentation turned out as long as its relevant and the outline is good. so the grade is all on the 10 page paper. but hes really leinient and quite approachable..he basically does the work for you besides your paper.
if you need to take it- its not bad at all def not death like others are saying
but if you dont need to - then its not worth it.
and its pretty cool having the first 2 weeks off of class


2 presentation that he basically does for you and the final paper that is like 10 pages. and he gives you questions you have to answer.leinient grader