December 14, 2008

Deutsch, Celia
Accent and Voice: Minority and Immigrant Women's Literature

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Celia is an absolute joy to be around! I felt more like I was in a book club than in a class because all of the books we had to read were things I would have liked to read for pleasure in my spare time. Discussions were open and pleasant and very interesting. The writing assignments were kind of a pain, but when are writing assignments NOT annoying? Celia claims to be a tough grader and that she doesn't give out a's, which is total BS-- she is a pretty fair grader and i'm pretty sure a lot of people in the class came out with B's and A's or A-'s. I highly recommend this class for any incoming freshman-- I learned a lot about college writing and got to read interesting books! Plus, Celia is so kind and helpful that I was never too worried.


4 papers increasing from 4-5 pages to 12-15 pages in length. We read about a book a week (which sounds like a lot but it really wasn't-- even if you dont read them it's easy to BS through). Also, we paired off and had to lead discussions in the middle of the semester, which wasn't nearly as scary as it sounds. No mid-term, and the final was a long paper.