February 03, 2009

Weber, Caroline Silver_nugget
Composition and Conversation

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I took this class Spring 2007 so it has been a while but I still remember it clearly, mainly because I DID NOT LIKE Caroline Weber!!! She was pleasant enough in class to most everyone but would cut me off when I spoke. I am not the best at french but had placed out of the requirement and I told her this at the beginning, but she strongly encouraged me to take the class anyway, yet throughout the class, she would take me aside to belittle me and my french abiilities, despite the fact that I was getting A's in all of my compositions (which admittedly weren't that hard). It was mentioned before that not doing compositions (which never occurred in my case) and turning them in late (which happened twice with reasons provided) would simply cause her disappointment. This is untrue, she's a grudge bearer and just when you think she's getting over it she'll come back and bite you in the ass with a spiteful unprompted email. I found her ridiculously unreasonable, but still wouldn't have written this review if 2 of my friends that have taken the course since hadn't confided similar experiences with her to me. I ended up withdrawing from the class with special permission (it was past the withdrawal deadline) because I hated her so much. If you're interested in this class take it with someone else!! If you absolutely have to take her class here's a tip: she's partial to people who compliment her sense of style.


A few compositions which mean nothing compared to the presentation you have to do with a partner. A manageable amount of reading.