March 10, 2009

Chapman, Sally
General Chemistry 2001

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Chapman is the devil- there is just no way around that. The weekly problem sets are difficult and she does not let you ask questions about them during office hours. There are dozens of office hours a week but they are all general unhelpful because she spends the majority of the time making you feel badly for not understanding the material you are asking about. She ripped up a girl's first exam because she was writing her name on all the pages- she said she had called time. It was the first exam of the semester and that was 12% of the poor girl's grade. People cried during the final exam. Exam 2 had an entire page that was not covered in the book or on any practice problem set, only on a single page handout given one day in class. A large portion of the final was on an acid base titration with NH3 as the base- something never discussed... we had ALWAYS been given something that had OH- so you could calculate pOH and then pH. The woman delights in being difficult and is generally a royal bitch during the day- if you arrived at office hours a few minutes early she would refuse to answer your questions until the hour began.


very heavy- lab is also included in the course