May 10, 2009

Son, Lisa
[PSYC BC1113] Cognitive Psych

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

While this class will teach you a lot of interesting information about memory/the brain/perception/learning, this professor is mediocre. If you go to class, she's fine. If you don't go to class and attempt to rely on slides, the class is utterly incomprehensible. The slides make absolutely no sense whatsoever, do not relay information, and have a lot of pictures that don't even show up. Sometimes I laugh out loud when I load up a Powerpoint and think, "Is she fucking serious?" when I see yet another slide containing combinations of letters or a diagram and NOTHING ELSE. Its like she's trying to punish people who don't come to class, or she just sucks at teaching via powerpoint. If you're a psych major you should probably go to this class.
That said, if you're not a psych major and still inclined to go to class and good at taking tests, the class is curved (working out to 14% currently) because the tests are confusing and a lot of people do poorly on them. It is, therefore, very possible to get an A while having a low-B by real-class standards. But the tests really suck. The short answer are graded harshly, multiple-choice questions are worded very poorly, and she makes you use ScanTron to boot.
Do not take this class unless you have to.


Three midterms containing MC and short-answers which are graded unforgivingly, "reading," nothing else.