May 20, 2009

Schorsch, Jonathan
[RELI V3561] Classics of Judaism: Ethics of the Fathers

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

so, this class was pretty awful. There were only about twelve students in the class and Professor Schorsch didn't really know how to get the students involved in the discussion. The class focused on the Jewish text, "Ethics of the Fathers," one of the most interesting and discussion-worthy texts, yet every class, no one had a thing to say. I do not blame this on the material. The professor has no idea how to engage a discussion. Often, the class was painfully awkward. He had us write these ridiculous biographies that "were not allowed to be about the commentator's life." I am still unclear as to what this means. The grading on it seemed to be pretty random. He seemed to give a lot of B+ and A-'s. I was never excited to go to this class because I knew that it was going to be awkward. Worst part about it: there is no wireless connection in the classroom. That was just painful...


4 short-ish biography papers, reading of articles, texts and commentaries, 15 page final paper