August 23, 2009

Rakitin, Brian
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

He's kind of a dick. The being said, he teaches the class fine. There's not much to say about him since it's such a big lecture. His powerpoint presentations follow the book to the letter, with some additional stuff he covers because it relates to his own work. He says "Come to lecture because it's not all covered in the book," but that's not really true.

I passed the class with a B, read most of the book, attended 50-75% of the lectures (and fell asleep in several of them), and just took the practice exams on the textbook website and made notes the day before the exams to study (didn't take notes in class). The usefulness of lectures like his are to basically repeat what you just read so that you remember it a bit better. The final isn't cumulative, so you only have to study one chunk of the book for each test.

You'll be required to meet with your TA once or twice, not really a big deal. If you're good at science but not majoring in it, and want a good science requirement, this is a good class with not that much work and a pretty good payout in terms of what you learn from the textbook.

If anything, I'd rate the textbook, and say it's really good for an intro to psych. Covers a HUGE range of material, and I appreciate what I learned from the class, and kept the book for future use.


psych experiment participation; three assignments which were to read an article, and summarize it following some guidelines; three "midterms" (no cumulative final) that were not too difficult or easy. being an intro class, it's designed for you to be able to pass. it'd be pretty difficult not to.