December 22, 2009

Chapman, Sally
General Chemistry 2001

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

She is a fair, reasonable professor.
As the previous reviews say, she is not nice if you don't keep the rules and not do the work.
But she has the most office hours for help in all the professors I saw,
And if you try on your own and come find her during office hours, she will help you.

Weekly PS:
Try over the weekend and go to weekly help session held by the professor.
You will see how much you can learn by doing this!

Handouts given;
Most information is on the handouts that she gives out.
They are very crucial for the tests! (tables, rules)

Plus, I wanna say, NEVER procrastinate!
The final test will not be manageable if you procrastinate.


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