April 26, 2002

Graham, Norma
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Everyone else seems to rather like Prof. Graham, so I'd like to provide a dissenting opinion. The fact is, she annoys the hell out of me, and her class is pretty worthless. This class requires a very large amount of reading, almost none of which is covered in class-- Prof. Graham prefers to show videos and waste your time with "demonstrations" of small children who come into the class and run around obnoxiously, personality tests, diagrams with pictorial representations of how we process the word "Cat," and the like. She spends time every class with what she calls "business," which deals with the (somehow infinitely complex) class website, the TA office hours, and so forth. She has never really given a substantial lecture, and instead spends time explaining very simple concepts painfully slowly. It would be preferable to read the textbook and not waste your time with class, except for the fact that she takes attendance...and watch for her to swig out of her water-filled Diet Coke bottle mid-sentence--- or maybe that's not really water in there??


Too much. About 50-80 pages of reading per week, as well as two painfully boring written assignments-- both 10-15 pages, as well as 2 in-class exams.