December 29, 2009

O'Keeffe, Brian Silver_nugget
Composition and Conversation

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

For me, this class provided an enjoyable setting for sustaining my knowledge and appreciation of French. Although the workload is fairly light, I feel that I still learned a lot, and I was able to frequently practice my French conversation skills in class. Brian O’Keeffe makes the class. He packs a lot of interesting material into a short time, and his memorable anecdotes and observations about French culture enforced what I had learned and made it very hard to forget the new vocabulary. The few longer writing assignments had such interesting prompts that it was nearly fun to write them. Overall, the class is a laid-back yet still engaging way to develop French skills.


Fairly light. Bi-weekly to monthly reading and/or short journal assignments, occasional vocabulary quizzes and three longer papers. The class also met twice at night to watch French movies which were later discussed in class.