January 03, 2010

Hart, Carl
[PSYC W2460] Drugs and Behavior

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I don't usually comment here, but the below comment was pretty misleading. If you do the reading, attend every lecture and review your collective notes you will get a solid A. Each exam is worth 100 points and he gives you 30 points off the bat by telling you what the essay questions will be and then allowing you to write them out and have them reviewed by the TAs (who do all the grading) beforehand.

As for the bias: Professor Hart never encouraged illicit drug use. The course was based on reducing the harm of drug use in society and among individuals. Because this inherently involves exposing and collapsing some established social constructions and attitudes about drug users, Professor Hart's message might sound polemical.

This, however, is a vulgar reduction of what was actually presented. Had the previous commenter gone to class and done the reading more often, he/she would have known this. (They also would have gotten a better grade, and wouldn't have felt the need to sh*t all over the class here.)

I'm a junior political science major used to getting A's and I got an A in this class by showing up and doing the reading. Great class for the science req. Absolutely recommend it.


5 or 6 one paragraph quizzes (two are dropped. you get 100% for mentioning something coherent which demonstrates you werent asleep during the lecture), 2 exams (first one a little harder b/c you don't know what to expect, but he makes the second one really easy), and one final (he says its cumulative but it really isn't. just as easy as the second exam).

10% quizzes
50% exams
40% final

A- = 90, A = 93, A+ = 97

extra credit (attending events) available as well. (makes a difference only if on borderline.)