January 13, 2010

Lindemann, Patricia
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Prof. Lindemann is a very funny lady! :) She's nice, highly intelligent and very knowledgable in the field. Her lectures were very interesting and she was cracking up jokes all the time! The book was extremely interesting too. However, you have to be a little bit careful with this class, especially if you are not considering to be a psych major. I know some students who changed their minds after taking this class about being psych majors. I even thought about it myself. Even though it is an introductory course, Pr. Lindemann is trying to challenge her students all the time. Just like she says to her students, she makes her exams in such a way that she does not expect everyone to get a 100. Even more than that, she actually never had students who got a 100 on any of her tests for this class untill this semester. Her tests are pretty long, questions sometimes tricky and are based 50% on lectures and 50% on book (make sure you read everything in the book and try to remember it because you can get a question on even the least important point from it!). The good thing is, however, she makes a generous curve at the end. I got an A- for which I am not complaining, but I have to say that I put tons of work into it and I am an A student. So, if you are looking for an easy scienece requirement fullfillment, this class is probably not the best choice (although, it is still better than math or physics, in my opinion), but if you are intersted in the field of psychology and want to be challenged and amazed by the many things it allows you to discover and learn about yourself and other people, than it is a class for you.


3 exams, 3 writing assignments, 6 extra credit assignments and 6 credit experiment participation. Will keep you busy throughout the semester.