April 15, 2010

Glover, Kaiama Silver_nugget
[FREN W3421] Intro to French and Francophone studies

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I had Professor Glover for Intro to French and Francophone Studies II. I absolutely loved her as a teacher. She's energetic and extremely knowledgeable and although she speaks really fast her French is so clear and well articulated that I can understand everything she says. As far as the class went though, I often felt overwhelmed. The reading is a lot and was kind of boring (for me, some people might love it) and after the first few weeks of class I gave up doing it at all. Luckily though, Professor Glover goes over all the important points of the reading so even if you don't read AT ALL, if you come to every class, sit in the front, pay lots of attention and take continuous notes, you should still be able to do pretty well in the class (I got a B on the midterm having read nothing - not too bad).

The class is a little hard to keep up with due to the enormous amounts of complicated reading but other than that, there's never any homework to turn in. So it's just reading and then a midterm and final.

If you're looking to actually improve your French though, this might not be the class for you. The focus is a lot more on the historical material learned rather than how well you speak, read, and write French. Her grading on the exams focuses solely on your understanding of the subject matter and not at all on your writing abilities. Because the class is mainly a lecture class, you won't develop your speaking and writing skills much but you'll get plenty of practice with listening and reading and taking fast notes in French.

Overall though, the class was interesting and I have nothing but praise for Professor Glover. If you're interested in French colonialism and history, then this is the class for you and Professor Glover is simply an amazing teacher.


Lots of reading (usually a 20-40 page essay to read for every class), 1 midterm (essay questions) and 1 final