May 02, 2010

Collins, John
[PHIL G4501] Epistemology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This man is hilarious, engaging, intelligent, and knows how to lecture. He clearly enjoys what he does and I enjoyed listening to him lecture.

This course went rather slowly, belaboring details, but Collins could make almost any subject at least somewhat interesting.

There is rarely any reading or syllabus, and there are opportunities in class for discussion.

He quoted a student as saying to him, "Now that I've completed your course, I know even less than when I began", and pointed to that as one of his proudest moments. He follows a slightly-combative, discussion-based pedagogical style which I enjoyed but may turn some people off.

He invented the word "comundial" on the fly, meaning, "in the same world".


Very light. Tough but fair grader.