November 09, 2010

Taylor, Kathleen
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Yo. I don't know what these other reviewers are on. Professor Taylor is honestly one of the best I've had at Columbia, or anywhere else. And I'm not even a psych major (though I'm seriously considering it, having taken this class). She's everything you want from a professor: organized, engaging, interactive, passionate, hilarious, and extraordinarily knowledgeable in her field. Lectures are never boring, she's always bringing in interesting family anecdotes and relevant yet entertaining Youtube videos. Attendance isn't mandatory (she posts lecture notes online) but tons of people always show up, to her credit. Whether you intend to major in psych, or just want to get your science requirement out of the way, this is a great class to take. I actually find myself looking forward to Prof Taylor's lectures all week :)


3 midterms and a final, but you can drop your lowest score of the four. If you're happy with your grades on all 3 midterms, you aren't even required to take the final. All the questions on the midterms and final are straight from a study guide that she gives you, so even if you don't read the textbook, the tests are entirely doable.