December 15, 2010

Lindemann, Patricia
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

So if you're taking this for a science requirement, and only that, run. You won't care enough to do everything this class requires. Honestly, I just wanted to pass. Literally. If you're busy outside of class beware because the reading take forever-and-a-half, the experiment participation is annoying (you need to have 6 credits which is around 3-5 hours depending on which ones you choose), and a lot of money is spent on this class. A lot of people disagree because they're either infatuated with Lindemann's really cool personality or they "0mgg l0v3" psychology. People ask a lot of stupid shit in this class, too. And the TAs are really annoying--they fill up my e-mail inbox with stupid crap that only three people (from what I can tell by the TAs' constant badgering) respond to. In all, it's a great class if you actually like psych, are good at science, or wanted to try something new. But, as a Poly Sci major who doesn't enjoy science, I despised this class. Not the professor, just the class in general.


3 Exams--do the reading way beforehand because you will be enjoying a three-day addy trip if you decide to read right before the exam. Some of the multiple choice is just impossible.

3 papers--stupid. They're like 2 pages long about the reading you once thought was "optional"

6 credits experiment participation

2-4 chapters of reading a week--beware, the textbook would rather talk about Amy Winehouse in rehab than explain whatever wasn't covered in class because according to Lindemann, "anything not covered in class is considered fair game"

Attendance--yes, this class rolls like 220 deep and roll is still taken by means of the hand dandy iClicker (another waste of money because I'll never use this shit again and I had to wait like three weeks to actually get one)