May 07, 2002

Graham, Norma
[PSYC W1001] Science of Psychology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The prof. loves her students and is super dedicated to them. Her office hours are non-stop and there are always students there. The class is pretty boring, however, in that it is a lot of biology of the brain, sleeping etc. This is not a course to take if you are interested in theoretical psychology. She brought some cool videos and guests but i slept through a very good portion of the course because it was relatively dry.


1 midterm and final with a lot of optional extra credit. The midterm and final have a lot of tricky multiple choice based on reading and lecture so if you are bad at those types of tests then stay away. She grades on a strict curve so if you dont do well on the tests then you wont do well in the class.