December 26, 2010

Beardman, Stephanie Silver_nugget
[PHIL BC1001] What is Philosophy?

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Okay so I am a big science and math geek. I took this class to fulfill a requirement and I'm actually SO happy I did. To be honest, at first, I hated the class. I thought the professor didn't want to answer our questions and I thought that she thought we were too dumb. She would respond in ways that would make me assume that she didn't think we were capable of higher thinking about philosophy. However, as the course progressed, I realized that she didn't answer those questions directly because she wanted us to start thinking philosophically. Also, she wanted to make sure that the class focused on specific arguments, not our own tangents of discussion. Once I realized this, I appreciated the class a lot more. She is very good at making sense of the dense readings that are assigned. She outlines some of the arguments beautifully on the board and she always encourages discussion or comments. However, she makes sure that we don't get too off topic [although sometimes it will digress]. She's also a very nice person in general and she has a very relaxed way of teaching. It doesn't feel like work to go to class because she is so friendly and loves to teach what she is teaching. However, if you don't do the reading due for the day, you will definitely be lost. She doesn't review much of the reading. Instead, she will delve into the details and outline the argument. So, you better do the reading before you go to class or else you'll be pretty lost. Her exams are very straightforward. That is, if you do the reading fully and you understand it all. If you use her notes and her comments, memorize them, and use them in your exam, you'll do perfectly fine. However, YOU CANNOT GET BY WITHOUT DOING THE READING. DO IT! And go to her office hours, she's very helpful.


Weekly, dense readings ; 3 courseworks posts per month ; 1 short paper and 1 long paper ; 1 midterm and 1 final [in-class]