January 06, 2011

Hoch, Hannah
[PSYC BC1105] Psychology of Learning (w/ or w/o lab)

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Three scantron sheets later, I'm still fairly undecided about Professor Hoch. Basically, if you go to lecture, do the readings, do the extra credit assignment, and study religiously from the posted study guides, you will do well. I wish I had done all of that, but I still managed to do ok with a minimum of effort....and you can too!

I took the course without lab and the lectures basically consisted of Prof. Hoch reading from her powerpoint slides, which are exactly the same as last year's powerpoint slides, and will most likely be exactly the same as next year's powerpoint slides. I thought the videos of Prof. Hoch and her colleagues tutoring autistic children at her workplace were by far and away the best part of the course, and really served to elucidate the principles she was teaching. They almost made up for the time she said that bats were a kind of bird.


Two exams (30% each), Final (40%), extra credit that adds 3 points to your lowest exam. Sharpen up your #2 Pencil!!!