January 20, 2011

Hawley, John Silver_nugget

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This man truly deserves a golden nugget. If you love to learn and experience the supernatural feeling that knowledge can impose on one, then you must take this class. Hawley's love and passion for his field transcends and makes his class one of the best experiences of my life at Columbia. I knew virtually nothing about Hinduism when I first enrolled into the class, and I now come out of it with a grand understanding of this beautiful way of life. Yes, I am an atheist and I will probably never believe that there is a God (or Gods in the case of Hinduism); however, Hawley's class is much more than a religion class: through the understanding that you gain of Hinduism in his class, you gain an immense appreciation for knowledge and the classics. I mind went to a different dimension when, as he compared the beginning to the Hebrew Bible to text of Hinduism, he recited the lines in Hebrew, the original language. This man is a genius, and no one can deny this. His class goes by extremely quickly and Hawley makes you want to attend; you'll never want to miss it and dread the day that you're forced to do so (yes, because force of another kind if the only thing that will keep you away from what this man has to say). These studies in Hinduism complement the core curriculum greatly as they are founded in the studies of ancient texts. Take this course so that you may become the Renaissance Man or Woman that Columbia University or Barnard College want you to become. Take this course so that you can walk away with an understanding of the one of the most beautiful demonstrations of human capability and creation in the world. Words will never describe what an amazing character Hawley is, or how gifted this man is, or the experience that I undertook as a student in his class, in the face of his knowledge. All I can say is, take this class.

He is an amazing asset to Columbia University and I hope that he knows that because it would truly be a great loss if Columbia lost him to any of its competing institutions. We love you and need you, John Hawley. We appreciate your knowledge and contributions to our community.


The workload is extremely manageable. You'll have a midterm and a final, a couple of 5-page papers, and a lot of reading. You'll love the course so much that the reading will be extremely enjoyable. An A is definitely achievable, but only if you have proper time management. Know that you'll have to dedicate at least two hours a day to keep up with the work at a more than reasonable pace. Most people who do not do well are the ones who do not have a clear understanding that homework at Columbia is about 6-10 hours a day and that leaving everything a day or two before class is the wrong way to go about things.