January 28, 2011

Rakitin, Brian
[PSYC W1610] Statistics for Behavioral Scientists

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Although this teacher is an ok guy, his lectures are confusing and it makes you suffer through the semester.
He uses different terms than the book so after having 5 variables called sigma your brain will start to spin.
He always mixes up terms and aknowledges it but I think he should pay more attention to this because it gets annoying.His slides are somewhat helpful but they are sloppy and have a lot of errors in them. When you review them you have to guess how he solved the problems because he skips steps and abbreviates a lot of terms so you have to go back to the TA or the book in order to study from there.
The lab section is good if you have a good TA but at the end they have to guess what the teacher might ask in the exam,so the anxiety level rises inside of you as the semester continues.
He gives a few Behavioral examples here and there but nothing that makes you think that a normal Statistics course would not give you . Even the book is just a huge Stats book, not much about Psychology mentioned.
This class lacks passion and didactic methods so it makes the dry topic even dryer. Personally, I did not enjoy this class.
The midterm was unfair because he only gave a limited ammount of time to solve it and many did not finish it. It had also a lot of theoretic questions although the TAs had only prepared us for solving numeric problems.
The final was almost only math and some short answer questions.


2 exams. Around 10 homeworks and 10 labs