To anyone considering beginning/continuing Hebrew, I recommend Rina without hesitation. I’ve now had the privilege of taking 4 semesters with her, and if given the opportunity, I’d instantly take 4 more.

Her methods of teacher and presenting information cater to all types of learners. She is clear, concise, and extremely thorough. In addition, her extensive background in Linguistics enables her to explain clearly intricacies and nuances of the Hebrew language that non-native speakers often find difficult and confusing.

Rina wants nothing more than for her students to succeed, and she works herself to the bone to see that we do. Every handout is promptly posted on Courseworks; she is always readily available to discuss the material via e-mail or by appointment; she reliably provides comprehensive vocabulary lists and review sheets prior to each quiz, and her grading is more than fair – in fact, it verges on lenient.

Not only is she the best language teacher this university has to offer, she is also one of my favorite people at Columbia – an all-around wonderful person, both inside the classroom and out. If you are so fortunate as to snag a spot in her class, hold on to it. Not only will you have a great learning experience, but you’ll make a great friend along the way.


The workload is pretty light, although you do actually have to study for the quizzes (but she helps you out A TON). Homework varies, though RARELY more than 30 min. a night. 3-4 quizzes per semester, some kind of small interactive project, and a final exam.