December 31, 1999

Deutsch, Celia
V1101 Introduction to Western Religion; V3407 Mysticism

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

She's one of my favorite professors. Her teaching method is certainly not dynamic -- she writes a paper and presents it in each class -- yet she is completely devoted to her students. Don't try to write down every fact that she mentions in lectures, but instead try to get the basic idea. She's very willing to go over difficult material inside and out of class. Her workload is generally three papers. She doesn't want students to simply regurgitate what she's presented, but genuinely wants to see understanding and is willing to learn from students. The grading is tough, but she's very willing to work with students to improve their performance. In smaller classes, she tends lecture for half the class and then open the floor to discussion.