May 03, 2011

Aurora, Vincent Silver_nugget
[FREN W1205] Accelerated Intermediate French I+II

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I've realized that class taught by Vincent can feel like nothing, especially after reading the last review.
So, if you are:
1. a person who doesn't believe in having fun when you're in class, and feels class time should be solely devoted to learning words that you think are "useful",
2. a person who can't take jokes and gets easily offended, or,
3. a person who thinks you're always right and others are always wrong.
I suggest you get a Rosetta Stone and a good English-French dictionary. You can save so much money and learn French!

Vincent talks a lot about his own experience in France. Most of them are funny, and I'm guessing most of his students took it as a cultural experience. If you don't, see number 1 from above.
Also, he makes fun of his students. They're usually quite silly. But it's not like he's going to attack you viciously, making fun of your appearance or stuff like that. He's extremely witty; his comebacks are hilarious and smart. But again, if you find silly jokes offensive, see number 2.
Lastly, like us, Vincent has his own opinions, and he's open to voice his own. Some can be strong. So if you're a zealot and think you can lead Vincent to martyrdom, please reconsider and check back at number 3.

However, the vast majority of the students will find this class extremely enjoyable. Let's face it. Without having some fun, the 2 hour meeting for 4 days a week can be torturous. While having fun, Vincent is so effective that we still go through all the materials that we were supposed to cover for a given day. Also, he's a lenient grader, and his due dates for essays and exercises are flexible. Because he's American, he knows what's hard for us. So his explanations are very clear.

Although learning French is the primary goal of this class, I think it's important to get rid of the fear of speaking French; and Vincent does an excellent job of that. I really wish I had him earlier so I could've majored in French.

So, if you do have a chance to take his class, DO SO. It will give you eternal happiness, unless you fall into one of the three categories; then you should go get the Rosetta Stone ASAP.


For a 8 point course, not so much.
I've heard 2.5 point Chinese class has more workload than this.
5 exams, 10 exercises(oral+written), occasional redactions, and occasional readings.