May 09, 2011

Koffi-Tessio, Marie-Helene
[FREN W3421] Intro to French and Francophone studies

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This professor is awesome! She is very nice and helpful. This was her first semester teaching the course so it was maybe a little disorganized at first, but in the end it was an interesting class and very good overall. I'm sure that the class will only improve from here. Also, I would take a class with Prof. Koffi-Tessio again if she's teaching something else.

Read the description/ syllabus on the department website if you don't know what the "French and Francophone Studies" part is. (Overall, a lot of important topics are covered and it's a good way to continue improving your French or to get major credit. You don't have to take them in sequence.)


2 medium (3-5 pages? I don’t exactly remember) papers about course content w/ opportunity for a second draft, midterm, final (both exams were essay-based)

Participation in class discussion/ attendance counts for a lot-- so be ready to say intelligent (and intelligible) things in French multiple times per class. (Class format: sit in a circle and discuss the readings/ topics in French.) Probably not the best class to take the first semester after you've completed the language requirement. If your accent isn't perfect yet, no worries, but make sure that you can really communicate.

There is a lot of reading, as in both French and Francophone Studies classes. This could be hard if you're not really used to reading in French. (But, as the semester goes on, you realize that having some sort of thematic comprehension is more important than knowing all the details on every page, so you can skim a bit.)

That said, it's a great class.