May 09, 2011

Mack, Mehammed Silver_nugget
French and Francophone Studies

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Good professor overall! Fairly new, I think, but I’m betting that he will only get better and better.
I took French and Francophone Studies I with him, and it was a good class. He lectures a lot, but presents information clearly and definitely helps you understand the texts studied. He's also very helpful and available to help edit papers, etc. I think next time he’s teaching French and Francophone Studies II, which is a different class, but it will probably be a similar set up and he’s definitely a good teacher anyway.


(For French and Francophone Studies I:)
5 short response papers (1 page only), midterm, final. Class participation counts too, but we didn’t talk all that much, so make sure you speak up whenever you get the chance (this usually requires doing the reading too).

Also, LOTS of reading (in French, of course). A big, expensive-ish course pack. Typical for this kind of foundation class though. Maybe not 100% necessary to keep up with it for each class, but some passages do appear on the exams, so you should do it. Also, it's good to keep up so you can talk in class if the opportunity arises.