December 23, 2011

Hart, Carl
[PSYC W2460] Drugs and Behavior

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

For lack of a better word, this class was bad. By that I mean it was severely anti-intellectual and mind-numbingly disorganized. Professor Hart is a nice guy, but he doesn't know how to teach at all. His textbook (which he co-authored) is written for fifth graders, and his lectures are boring at best and stupid at worst. For a topic that is so inherently fascinating and a class that has so much potential, this class pretty much peed and pooped on it. I came into it being excited about learning drug policy and pharmacokinetics, and I left it feeling a deep disgust in my stomach that a class like this could count as an upper level psychology-elective.

A study guide is handed out before every exam, and at the review sessions people pretty much ask the TAs for answers to the exam. This is pretty insulting for people who are actually interested in learning about this stuff and forming their own opinions on things. ALSO, his exams ask the most obscure dates and facts about people that has nothing to do with what we learned. Basically, this class doesn't teach you to think critically AT ALL, but merely to write down every word from his lecture and regurgitate it on the exam. Pretty disgusting if you ask me. But if you're looking for an easy breezy class where all you have to do is memorize, this class is for you. But it's not what I wanted out of my Columbia education.

He also doesn't respond to emails ever. Just FYI. I regret taking this class.