May 14, 2002

Saliba, George
[ASCM V2008] Contemporary Islamic Civilization

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

It is continuously insulting to be in Prof. Saliba's class. He clearly doesn't care about having a lesson plan. He only lectured 14 of the 24 class sessions; the other 10, he either cancelled to promote "Palestine" or showed a movie or played music. One time, he prefaced a movie he showed by saying that he had never seen it himself, and that it might be porn, for all he knew. It is just this cavalier attitude I found to be so insulting. Saliba never talks about the readings in lecture, but sort of extemporaneously philosophizes about how bad "colonialism" is. Everything he says just seems to be common sense.


2 7-8 page papers. Final (which was a joke)