January 02, 2012

Earle, Jason Silver_nugget
[FRNB BC1204] Intermediate French II

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Jason is a great professor! He's really nice, approachable, and funny. The pace of the class was perfect and he always made sure that everyone understood the material before moving on. The class consisted of regular grammar lessons and readings from well-known French authors (Baudelaire, Guy de Maupissant, etc.). He also adds in personal experiences and stories to the classes which were always humorous and interesting. Grading was definitely fair and the quizzes and exams were easy. If you have a choice, you should definitely take French with Jason!


3 compositions (1-2 pages with a mandatory first draft for each. After you do the corrections on the first draft, your grade goes up a half step.), 3 quizzes (easy), midterm and final (both easy).