January 05, 2012

Hart, Carl
[PSYC W2460] Drugs and Behavior

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I don’t usually write reviews, but I felt a deep disgust in my stomach when reading the review below. The criticism against this class and the professor largely focuses on the ‘boring’ and ‘stupid’ materials taught in a ‘severely anti-intellectual and mind-numbingly disorganized’ manner. But, this course did teach us about drug policies and pharmacokinetics. In fact, everything else taught was built upon these two major topics. Not only does Carl explain their effects on the public, but he also exposes us to the multiple methods in which the media and even researchers manipulate data to make any statement they want. Carl provides and inspires meticulous methods of reading research papers to demonstrate how the some conclusions made in the media such as the NY times are not demonstrated in the actual research, a problem which we need to be highly conscious of as thinkers.

Carl integrates the ‘easy’ properties about drugs with the stupid politics of the real world to question our own deep-rooted biases against/for certain drugs. Therefore, people who believe this course is ‘boring’ and ‘stupid’ are either referring to the drug policies that exist today or to herself. But this course should not be criticized for making us more aware of our biases against drugs and aware of the 'stupid and boring' politics. Instead, this course should be praised for this enlightenment and the intellectual discourse concerning politics and drugs.

Please remember that this course is not a chemistry or a biology course- this is a psychology course and its focus on politics is highly necessary to teach us the mental characteristics/attitude of a person/group. Politics exists in real world and plays a major role in psychology whether or not we like it.


As long as you are actually interested in drugs and behavior, the workload will not feel like work.