May 17, 2002

Krauss, Robert
[PSYC W2240] Human Communication

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The art of navel gazing has been perfected in this incredibly banal course. You learn less, if anything at all, about how humans communicate than you do about how psychologists have perfected academic lard: i.e., Post-postive turns;sequential implicativeness; heuristic based referents, are just examples of the constipated clutter in the neural paths of certain, if not all, psychologists who deem it their calling to write papers and texts. The intensity of boredom that this (and the class) generates is only matched by waiting for the number 3 Express train after midnight. Krauss can be funny and charming - - I liked the man - - but the course is pathetic. He missed his real calling - - The Borscht Belt.


Academic lard makes the workload egregiusly noxious. The T.A.s , often confused, disagreed in review sessions, and were always promising to get back to us. We're stil waiting.....