April 01, 2012

Kennard, Julia
BC 1101 Statistics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Julia Kennard has been one of my favorite professors in my three years at Columbia. Aside from being an altogether amicable woman, she is a very approachable professor who sincerely cares about the success of all of her students.

Professor Kennard is very knowledgeable about psychology and statistics and qualified to teach the Statistics course I took at Barnard; she is a forensic psychologist by trade. Her lectures were always engaging and yet she also remained on task every class. She allowed us to leave early if the lesson plan was very straightforward and nobody had any questions.


Her straightforward homework assignments, class expectations, and tests made it easy to succeed in her class (I got an A- without having devote more than a couple hours per week to the class). I highly recommend taking any class offered with Prof. Kennard!