April 10, 2012

Patterson, Julie Silver_nugget
BC 1101 Statistics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I came in COMPLETELY nervous about taking statistics because my advisor told me that I would have to "hit the ground running" if I wanted to do well with this class. Patterson completely caught me off guard, though. This class was amazingly simple and perfect for psych majors. Even though, I was at first very frustrated with her slides - they usually have errors in them - she apologizes in a very friendly manner and usually follows it up with "awe, darn-it... I really thought this slide would be good. Oh well, maybe next time we'll get it right." It's adorable. She kind of makes it hard to be mad at these slides since you know she is very busy outside of class.

She knows the material, though, and she creates worksheets that you just have to print out every day before class and it is basically fill in the blanks to understand the terms and formulas. There are also examples on the worksheet that she uses to put the notes into practice. I didn't realize in the beginning, but these notes were actually VERY helpful. If you want to do not only well, but REALLY well on exams you have to be organized.

I have never been to office hours, but you can do your homework after lab (which is usually around 15-20 minutes long) and she will help you completely.

She makes it very easy to get an A in this class. She is too busy to really stump you, but she also seems to genuinely care about her students.


4 exams the first week of every month. They're very long but open book. If you review the day before you will be fine and get an A with out any issue.
2 written portfolios. One is just a get-to-know-you type essay, and the other is a bit longer and makes you go find an article and discuss the statistics that was used.
Homeworks due once a week or once every two weeks. These are just worksheets and have SPSS problems that you work on during Lab and you can finish the hw after the 15 minutes of lab. She will help you the entire time and even lend you her calculator!